Soundfish is more than one of the greatest rental for sound recording equipment, it is though a crew of sound mixers sharing a passion: the audio service as state of Art. The three founders have diversified backgrounds, from big live concerts to audio post-productions and mixing, going throw any kind of different production and shooting style.

This gave to Soundfish a kind of deep genuine experience; we have the right skills, knowledge and tools to make a great soundtrack for your projects.

After founding Suite Sound Design in 2004, we created Soundfish in 2017 with the goal, not only to work as a traditional rental service, but to be a place of excellence for production sound in Europe: from movies to tv shows, from on the road documentaries to big studio set up.

Daniele Turi
Owner Sound Mixer

Giacomo Avanza
Owner Sound Mixer

Matteo Olivari
Owner Sound Mixer

Gemma Maddaloni
Sound mixer and HR/wherehouse manager

Marco Scudellaro
Sound mixer and sales manager

Giorgio Gionetti
Sound mixer and wherehouse manager

Sante Spagnolo
Sound mixer and 3D project manager

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