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Sennheiser headphones holder for Sound Bag

DESIGNED BY Marco Scudellaro

Headphones holder for Sennheiser. It can be used attached to your sound bag wherever you want. It’s composed by two element.

What do you need?
-3D printer
-PETG filament
-Two screw (3 x 10 mm)

Thats it!!!

Betso TCX-2 cover

DESIGNED BY Marco Scudellaro

Cover for Timecode Betso TCX-2. Using a flexfill filament you can protect your Tc from falls. The cover help also to keep the battery compartment closed. STOP USING TAPE!!!!!!!

What do you need?
-3D printer
-Flexfil filament

Thats it!!!

Micbite butterfly for DPA 4063

DESIGNED BY Masaki Hirahara

This is a Micbite for DPA 4063. 4060, 4061 and 4062 seem to be the same size, so it seems to be usable.
The adhesive surface is widened like the wings of a butterfly to increase the durability of the adhesive. In addition, the width is the width of the commonly used double-sided tape for cloth.
Layer height: 0.12mm
Possible to print with no support.

Mixpre6 Lectrosonics SR Dashboard

DESIGNED BY Ryan Burrows

Dashboard for Mixpre 6 and 2 Lectrosonics SR recievers.
– Supports: Yes
– Resolution: 0.2
– Infill: 40-60%
– Notes: Any material does the trick.

Belt Clip Sound Devices A20 mini

 DESIGNED BY Sante Spagnolo

Belt Clip for SD A20mini

DASHBORAD for receiver Wisycom MCR54

 DESIGNED BY Sante Spagnolo

Dashboard that you can use with receivers Wisycom MRC54 into your sound bag.

Lectrosonics HMA boom pole holder

 DESIGNED BY Ludwig Bestehorn

Sony MDR-7506 holder for Sound Bag

 DESIGNED BY Marco Scudellaro

Headphones holder for Sony MDR-7506. It can be used attached to your sound bag wherever you want. It’s composed by two elements.

What do you need?
-3D printer
-PETG filament
-Two screw (3 x 10 mm)

Thats it!!!

WHIPmeter for Wisycom TX

 DESIGNED BY Sante Spagnolo

Whipmeter is an easy tool that will let you find out what number the Wisycom transmitter whip corresponds to even if you lose the tag.

DESK STAND for Sound bag or Recorder

 DESIGNED BY Marco Scudellaro

Stand designed for supporting a recorder or a soundbag inclined at 55°on a desk.
When you want to use the soundbag/recorder on a desk, this stand will make it more comfortable to use.
The width size can be fixed in two sizes so you will be able to use the stand with a Sound Devices Scorpio or a SD633 as well.
To change the width size you have just to move the spacer following the marked measurements.

Dashboard for Wisycom MCR42 4/6chs

 DESIGNED BY Sante Spagnolo

A super cool dashboard that will help you to keep your RX Wisycom MCR42 into your sound bagOrca or Ktek sound bag.

Screw Adapter

 DESIGNED BY Marco Peron

This is a standard 3/8” 16 tpi (European) to 5/8” 27tpi (US) adapter.
You’re always missing one of those.

Print settings :
– Printed with Prusa i3 MK3
– Printed with PLA, PETG and ABS
– Infill 100%
– Layer height 0.15

Simple Stereo Bar

 DESIGNED BY Marco Peron

Simple stereo bar. Minimal distance bet mics 60mm, maximal distance between mics 250mm. The bar works fine printed with PLA. The screws are a bit fragile printed in PLA, works much better with PETG or ABS.
Print settings :
– Printed with Prusa i3 MK3
– Infill : 15% for the bar, 100% for the screws
– Layer height : Better with layer height of 0.15 or smaller for better details on the threads of the screw

5 slots Wisycom RX MCR42 1 unit rack face plate

 DESIGNED BY Marco Scudellaro

1 unit panel to mount 5 Wisycom RX MCR42 in a rack. There is also the hole to pass the sma cable for reference. You need also nuts and screws of 3x16mm to mount one piece to the other.

KNOB for MixPre 10


The MixPre-10 extension knob assembly, I have provided the 3D printable files to those who have requested and agreed to use them only for their personal use. Now few have been requesting assembly instructions that are provided here after.
Picture 02 All the screws are M3 (3 mm) the lenght is not so critical, this is what I use
Picture 03 The basic assembly, first make sure all parts are clear, the small gear goes freely to the knob, everything fits nicely together.
Picture 04 It will make it a bit smoother an nicer to operate, if putting small amount thick silicone grease on the axis, just make sure it is small amount only and does not get outside the axis.
Picture 05 The sett screws go to the hinge, especially this part must move very freely, so loosen up the holes as needed on the cover part
Picture 06 If the total length of the sett screws is about 22 to 24 mm they fit nicely
Picture 07 Fitting to MixPre-10 put it first like this
Picture 08 And then it should easily rotate to its place, do not use any force, not to break the knob etc. it should rotate easily on place, if not check what is wrong
Picture 09 It locks in place with the headphone plug, also this should go in easily and not cause any binding

We use PRUSA MK3 printer and PETG filament.

Production sound cart c-shaped boom holder

 DESIGNED BY Tomasz Soyer

Designed to be fixed with an M5 bolt. Max boom pole diameter: 30 mm.
Recommended printing parameters:
Material: TPU
Infill Density: 100%


 DESIGNED BY Kristian Knoop soundspectre

DESCRIPTION: Easy to print fader knob designd for using the Zaxcom Nomad. FP8. You can also adjust the size of the knob in your slicer software to fit on your own recorder.
UFP File is created so you can adjust the settings of your printer to print with customize settings from Ultimaker cura.
Gcode File is made in Ultimaker Cura,If your 3d printer is properly adjusted, you should print it directly.
Print tested with PLA Extruder temp: 205o Bed temp: 65o.
STL File is exported from Autodesk Fusion 360. so you can adjust the settings of your printer to print with customize settings from any slicing software.

Production sound cart boompole cup

 DESIGNED BY Tomasz Soyer

Boompole cup designed to be mounted on v-slot profiles, M5 bolt.
Recommended printing parameters:
Material: PLA
Infill Density: 35%
Infill pattern: Cubic

Converter / distributor of energy for sound bag

 DESIGNED BY Vitor Brandão

The idea in general is to use a powerbank to power the lectro RX and the ifb TX. Thus saving 9v batteries. This project supports up to 6 connected devices, but I made my project for only 4. In attachment you will find the file for 3D printing and a docx with all the information about how I set up the circuit.

AA battery holder

 DESIGNED BY Tomás Portias

AA Battery holder for 2, 4, 8 and 12 batteries. No support needed, 30% infill will be fine. The holder have retention so the batteries wont come out.

Headphone holder for Orca bags

 DESIGNED BY Audio Workbench

Simple and sturdy headphones hook that mates with Orca bag. Remix from Sante Spagnolo Orca plug.

Concealer for Sanken Cos11

 DESIGNED BY Emanuele Correani

For building this project you need some basic tools and a paper clip. Cut the top of the paper clip and give it a shape of an arch, 1cm tall. Bend the legs halfway and insert the two ends in the holes located at the top of the concealer. That’s it! Snap the COS11 in the central pit and you’re ready to roll!

Clip for lav Sony UWP

 DESIGNED BY Nils Völkner

If you bought the Sony UWP Wireless Mic Sets, Normal or Pro, the wires of the Mics ar a little bit bigger as the wire from the Sennheiser mke2. So when you wanna use the Sennheiser MZQ02 ANT 76659 Kroko Clamp (which is one of the best) the Original Clip will squeeze your wire very hard, so i made a little bigger clip.

Concealer for lav Sony ECM-77 BMP

 DESIGNED BY Nils Völkner

Is a Concealer for the Sony ECM-77 BMP Mic witch is inspired by the DPA Concealer, so you can uses the Tapes you already have

Concealer for lav Sony ECM-77 BMP

 DESIGNED BY Nils Völkner

Is a Concealer for the Sony ECM-77 BMP Mic witch is inspired by the URSA Mini Mount, so you can uses the Tapes you already have.

Concealer for lav Sony ECM-V1 BMP

 DESIGNED BY Nils Völkner

Is a Concealer for the Sony ECM-V1BMP witch is inspired by the URSA Mini Mount, so you can uses the Tapes you already have.

Tentacle SYNC E case

 DESIGNED BY Nicolas Régent

This is a protective housing for Tentacles SYNC E.
I made it so every functions of the device is accessible (button, leds, sockets, microphone).
There are two versions of it, one with a hot shoe adapter and a flat one for Velcro use. I also made an optional locking system to avoid the mini jack to come off. You can also color code it with various filament colors.
I recommend keeping the original colored rubber band on the Tentacle to help with grip.
This can be printed with PLA up to 0,2mm layer size (0,16mm on the pics). Supports are needed.
If you have any requests regarding some mods, you can reach out to me on instagram @nicoregent
This model is under a Creative Commons – Attribution – non commercial -share alike license

Zoom F8 Sun blocker

 DESIGNED BY Tomás Portías

A simple accessory that fits perfectly on the recorder Zoom F8 to use it when you work outside so you can see better the screen. Print it with 0.2 leyer high and 20% infill. No support.

Rycote Windshield Mount

 DESIGNED BY Marcus J. Kirchhoff

The part is a replacement for the the Pistol Grip of the Rycote Windshield System.
There is a printed 3/8 inch thread located at the bottom of the model. It also offers a mount for the XLR Connector.
In order to work, you need the original Screw and Counter piece from the Pistol Grip.
Print it with Supports and at least 50% Infill. More then 3 outer Walls are recomended.

MIX PRE10 Support

 DESIGNED BY Tomasz Soyer

Support for SD Mix-pre 10T recorders, which eliminates the problem of a poorly designed Hirose socket.

MIX PRE6 / 2Lectrosonics Dashboard

 DESIGNED BY Tomasz Soyer

Dashboard for Sound Devices Mix-pre 6 recorders with two slots for Lectro UCR 211, 210D or similar size RX.
Fixing with screws from Mix-pre 6. Two items can be printed for greater stability.

Headphone holder for Sound Bag

 DESIGNED BY Tomasz Soyer

A headphones holder with latch that can be attached to a sound bag.
The model consists of 4 elements that must be printed separately.

Orca Dipole Aerial Mount

 DESIGNED BY Jake Whitelee

This STL is for a simple adapter for mounting a UHF dipole
aerial to an Orca bag. Fast to pint and easy to fit.

NP-1 battery cap


This NP-1 battery cap will help protect the metal contacts from unnecessary damage.
Also, great for preventing possible shortages and/or fires due to other conductive materials from touching the contacts. Soundfish and Nick Davey are not liable for any issues that occur

XLR low profile 90°

 MADE BY Antoine François

This is a serviceable low profile 90˚ cap for the Neutrik XX series with 6 possible cable orientations. It comes in two parts : simply screw the crown, cut the original strain relief to the right size and press fit the cap to close the connector. Print the cap in any colour for easy colour coding.

Screw part: 11.7×18.8×19 mm
Cap part: 6.5×20.3×20.3mm

3D plug for Orca Bags

  Made by Sante Spagnolo

This 3D plug will let you to attach to the Orca bags the Sennheiser sk100 tx for the ifb or whatever you need instead of the external orca pouches.


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